MTS Recovery Software to Restore Lost, Deleted Videos

Did you lost your MTS video file from your camcorder?  Facing video inaccessibility problems and error messages due to the same?  Want a solution to get it back as soon as possible?  Well, then you are at the right place, cause here you will get the ultimate MTS recovery solution. But first let's know about what is an MTS file , under what conditions does it gets deleted and what is the solution to get it back.

What is an MTS File?

An MTS file format is an extension of the high definition video file format recorded through Sony and Panasonic camcorders. The file format is also known as AVCHD that is an abbreviation for Advanced Video Coding High Definition Video file format. Camcorders use memory cards or other type of small digital secondary storage devices in order to store these type of videos. 


For Windows & Mac



And as you know, these storage devices are very vulnerable to damage and corruption issues following which there are chances of MTS video file deletion.  There are several reasons due to which the files can get deleted or lost such as formatting, virus influence in the file system of the memory card, accidental deletion by a user, interruption during read/write operations. Apart from this, other reasons for the loss of the videos might be

  • File system corruption
  • Handling memory cards in a reckless manner
  • Shutting down the camcorder suddenly
  • Ejecting card out of the device without switching off the camcorder

After a memory card becomes corrupt, damaged or formatted it is natural that you would not able to access any MTS videos. Such issues can really destroy the integrity of the video file stored if any further operation like overwriting is done on the card to get back the data.

Error Messages Generated by Memory cards while accessing photos

  • Memory Card Error
  • Drive not detected
  • Drive not formatted
  • Card not initialized
  • Memory card is full
  • Not Enough Free Space

There is a long list of such errors that a user might get if he or she tries to access photos from the damaged memory card in the Camcorder.

How to Perform MTS Recovery in such Hopeless situations

If a memory card is corrupt, then one can format it to take it back to a normal and working state. But doing this without a backup can surely cost you all your MTS videos. And it has been seen in certain situations, that many people format the card but don't have a backup to restore and then repent. But do not worry, no matter if you have done this, still you can recover MTS videos with the help of third party MTS recovery software.

MTS Recovery software is one solution for recovering lost, deleted, formatted MTS video file from a storage device under any circumstances. The best thing about it is its user interface that is so simple that anyone without technical expertise can use it like a child's play. The features of the software include

  • recovers videos, photos, music from digital camera, camcorders
  • Able to restore all kinds of video file formats
  • Easy to use
  • Read only, doesn't overwrites a bit of data while recovery
  • Is compatible with all brands of digital cameras, camcorders
  • Works simply better with several storage devices such as cards, hard disk etc.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X both




MOV Video Recovery: How To Recover MOV Videos Easily

There can be various reasons for corruption or loss of QuickTime MOV video files such as malware attack, unintentional deletion, human mistakes, abrupt termination of power while transferring .mov video files, formatting of the drive to name few. In such circumstances, if users try to access their stored videos it can't be opened or played. However it is possible to recover MOV video files provided no data or files is saved on to the drive where the mov files were originally saved or else it might get overwritten. Users are advised to opt for MOV Recovery Software that would be suitable to recover lost, deleted and corrupted videos easily and fix MOV file error.


User Guide of MOV Video Recovery Software


Instructions To MOV Recovery on using Stellar Phoenix MOV Recovery Software

Step 1: Initially download and install Stellar Phoenix MOV Recovery Software onto your Windows system.


Step 2: Now it's first screen will get displayed. Here click 'Recover Photo, Audio & Video' to recover lost or deleted multimedia files.



Step 3: Further all the hard drives and media attached to the system will get listed and here you can select desired drive or external media to recover MOV files along with several other photos or audios files.


Step 4: The program will execute a search for all the multimedia files from the selected media or drive while the scanning procedure is in progress.



Step 5: After accomplishment of the scanning procedure, all the files found in the selected volume, hard disk or several other attached storage media will get listed.



Step 6: Finally at last click 'Recover' button and specify the location where the recovered files are to get saved. Now all the selected files or folders will get retrieved at the desired location.




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